Join Us!

Are you an artist looking to showcase your work to a wider audience for fair terms and conditions? Look no further!

Our application process is simple and straightforward:

First, contact us with your name and share your art with us, whether it be through a link to your Instagram or website, or by sending it to us via WeTransfer (

Next, we'll review your work and send you a form to fill out so that we can present your art in the best possible light. This includes information such as the name of the piece, a description, the medium used, and a short bio about yourself. We will then set up a contract for you to sign, confirming that the artwork is your original creation. Finally, send us high-resolution images of your art via WeTransfer.

We're excited to review your application and work with you to showcase your talents to a broader audience.

If you have any questions, be sure to check out "Why Sell On Nowa" site for more information.