Explore our diverse art collection, featuring everything from unique paintings to museum-quality framed photography. Whether you're furnishing a private residence, hotel, office or restaurant, we're your ultimate one-stop shop for all things art. With our vast array of art, we provide the ideal match for your personal taste and style, complete with the option to customize size and framing to your liking.

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    At Nowa Studio we strive to become the go-to destination for artists to share their work, and for art enthusiasts to discover and purchase meaningful art pieces.

    Our mission is to make art more accessible to all by creating a fair and inclusive platform that connects artists and art enthusiasts.

    By inviting both established and emerging artists to join us, and by offering art at fair prices, we stay true to our mission of making art accessible to all.


    Nowa Studio offers a diverse range of high-quality fine art, including photography and original paintings, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces from both emerging and established artists across various styles and price ranges. Our collection includes unique photography created by artists worldwide, many of whom have never been showcased before. We place a strong emphasis on exceptional framing and printing, providing the option for customized framing. Additionally, our paintings are original works, highlighting talented artists from all over Europe.


    Nowa Studio is dedicated to expanding the reach of both emerging and established artists by offering a platform for them to display and sell their art. Each sale directly supports the artist and contributes to building a community of talented individuals in the field. Nowa Studio is proud to represent these artists and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience.

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    Nowa Studio specializes in customized art solutions for hotels, restaurants, offices, home staging, and interior design shops. We enhance guest experiences, create memorable dining atmospheres, redefine workspaces, transform properties, and curate unique collections. 

    We believe in individualized art, allowing you to choose the perfect size suitable for your space or specific prints and framing options to match your vision. Discover how Nowa Studio's Art Consultancy can elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Explore our services today!

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At Nowa Studio, we are proud to offer a stunning collection of fine art paintings from talented European artists. Each piece is carefully curated, ensuring that you are purchasing a true masterpiece. Our selection includes a wide range of styles and prices - with something for everyone. We are especially passionate about finding unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will make a statement in any room.

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We offer a wide range of photography by talented artists from around the world. Our limited edition prints are individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring their uniqueness and value. We also offer open edition prints expertly curated by our team that are produced in unlimited quantities, making them perfect for any space and budget. All our photos come ready to hang, printed and framed with meticulous attention to detail. You have the flexibility to choose from three high-quality, handmade print and framing options in various sizes:

  1. Modern: Acrylic Glass No Frame
  2. Premium: Acrylic Glass With Floater Frame
  3. Classic: Wooden Frame With Passepartout

Contact us directly for customized print and framing options, including custom sizes tailored to your specific requirements.

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At Nowa Studio, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality print and framing options to showcase your photography in the most beautiful way. With our offerings including:

1. Modern: Acrylic Glass No Frame:

This option features a borderless design made from state-of-the-art aluminum composite panel and a flawless acrylic glass layer, resulting in a mesmerizing depth effect for the image. The premium materials used enhance the overall aesthetic.

2. Premium: Acrylic Glass With Floater Frame

This floating frame gives the illusion that the artwork is "floating", making it the centerpiece of any space. Its professional and elegant design, combined with the beauty of the artwork, creates a premium appearance.

3. Classic: Wooden Frame With Passepartout

The Wooden Frame With Passepartout presents your fine art paper artwork with timeless sophistication. Its solid wood construction and classic design, complemented by a passpartout, enhance the visual impact.


At Nowa Studio, we know art can make a room. That is why we offer a wide range of fine art photographs and paintings that complement any interior. Our "Shop the Look" feature lets you explore different interiors and see how our art can enhance the overall aesthetic.



Expand your reach as an artist by joining our art community. Whether you're a professional or just starting out, you deserve a platform that offers fair terms and conditions for your work. By selling through our artist-focused platform, you'll gain access to a wider audience, as well as various benefits that will help you grow your career. Don't miss out, apply to join our art community today!