Discover Nowa Studio's Fine Art at KA Roos in Southern Sweden

Discover Nowa Studio's Fine Art at KA Roos in Southern Sweden

Exciting news is on the horizon for art enthusiasts in the southern region of Sweden! Nowa Studio is thrilled to announce that a curated selection of our exquisite fine art photography can now be found at KA Roos. As a family-owned furniture manufacturer, K.A. Roos has been crafting top-quality, uniquely designed furniture for over 50 years.

A Collaboration of Craftsmanship and Artistry

Our collaboration with K.A. Roos signifies a merging of artistic excellence and masterful craftsmanship. The union of their high-quality furniture pieces and our fine art prints brings together two worlds of creativity, resulting in an immersive experience for those who appreciate the finest aesthetics.

Experience Fine Art in Person

If you've been captivated by the beauty of our fine art prints online, now is your chance to witness them in all their glory in person. Pay a visit to KA Roos, and immerse yourself in the world of Nowa Studio's stunning fine art. From the intricate details of each photograph to the impeccable framing, seeing our artworks up close promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Unveiling New Horizons in Europe

As Nowa Studio continues to expand its presence across Europe, partnerships like this one with KA Roos mark significant milestones on our journey. Our commitment to bringing authentic and awe-inspiring art to people's lives extends beyond the digital realm. By joining forces with beautiful interior design shops in various cities, we aim to create a tangible connection between art and the spaces we inhabit.

Stay Tuned for More

The partnership with KA Roos is just the beginning of our exciting ventures. Nowa Studio is dedicated to exploring new avenues and collaborations that enhance the accessibility and appreciation of art. We're constantly working to bring art enthusiasts closer to their favorite pieces and artists.